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5 Reasons why people play poker and why does it matter

Poker players have different reasons why they love to play poker. Well, there exist a lot of reasons and some of them really matter to the player whether it makes sense or not. People are somehow fond of investing in it for a very specific reason that makes them play it again with the same excitement as the first time. Therefore, we have come up with some of the reasons why people play poker.

Making a whole lotta money

In spite of being the most basic reason, we are likely to mention it because of some of the facts. It is well-known that players often do not get satisfied with their first win even if they have a significant amount of money. In fact, poker is more than that, and it pushes them forward to win something bigger. Whether if you play for money or not, there is either winning or losing. So for the players who are going to be in the game for the long-term, we recommend you put some efforts into working on the strategies.

Just for fun!

Players who don’t find anything to do, are likely to enter a poker game for fun. Meanwhile, some of them are the one who is not focused on making money and building up strategies. But, playing it for fun will not yield the desired result most of the time. It’s because you tend to bite the dust even against your weak opponents. And having a bad beat is terrible. However, people do not expect profit if they are playing it for fun.

To compete and satisfy the ego

It is good for you if you like to compete. You will find about half of the players are playing just to feed their ego. People with such attitude and mindset often go for a further game after winning. In fact, you will be getting many opportunities to be the big winner if you stay playing in a competitive manner. It is obvious that winning poker is not a cup of tea. You got to keep your aggression and compete till you get the last man down.

Play to mingle!

If you like to socialize, poker could be a platform for you to meet new people. It might affect your bankroll if you are not fully concentrated on the game. Most of the people affect their game just to flirt with other players on the poker table. Moreover, if the opponents realize your intentions, they can take advantage of your less-focused game with a lack of strategies.

For Improvements

Poker is not a game of luck. It requires the implication of some strategies. You got to play a lot of games to build such strategies in order to be a pro in poker. Well, such a player exists and they keep playing to improve their game.


Poker is, however, a game that you might play for making money or just for fun. If you are a poker player, let us know your reason for playing.

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