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8 Tips to personalize a T-shirt

Nowadays, people have started using personalized t-shirts because of the uniqueness and funky look it gives to an individual. Tshirt printing New York has become easier because of online websites where we can personalize t-shirts and get them delivered on our doorstep. Here are some tips you can use while personalizing a t-shirt.

1. Choose Fabric Wisely

Fabric decides, how comfortable you will feel while wearing a t-shirt as well as the quality of fabric impacts the look of the ink on that. So choose a fabric according to your needs.

2. Pay attention to the Shirt color and the Print color

The color of the shirt must compliment the color of the ink. If you choose a dark-colored shirt then for the print choose a light color or a pastel color. But if you choose a pastel-colored shirt then always use contrast dark color for the print.

3. Consider the Placement of the Pattern

The graphic or text you are printing on your t-shirt should be in a justifying place. If you are printing a quote or a tagline then it must be easily readable. It should not be too downwards so that reading does not look like staring.

4. Dimensions of the Graphic matters

The dimension of the graphic or pattern also plays a key role in imparting a good look to your t-shirt. If you are printing text on your t-shirt then it must be readable and if you are printing a pattern the size of the pattern should be right. The size should neither be too big to look awkward nor too small.

5. Typography

When you are printing a textual pattern, more than the meaning of that quote the font of that quote matters. You can include funky typography, a combination of different fonts in a single quote to give a different style to the shirt.

6. Borders

Yes, borders are an important characteristic of a graphic. An outline gives graphics an emerging effect. There are times when borders are not necessary, like textual content or free-flowing designs. An efficient method to decide if borders are working well on your designs

7. Clarity

When you personalize a t-shirt, keep into mind that the resolution of the graphic should be good because on the screen it would look good, but after printing the clarity can degrade, so use a graphic or a picture with a good resolution.

8. Stylish

The design of your t-shirt should be different and unique. It should have a cool factor so that it looks like a personalized one!

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