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Best Musical Hits of Telugu

There are a lot of Telugu movies in online sites that have wonderful music. Yes, you can’t help but dance to the songs. Besides, doing so would make you have a lot of fun and lose a bunch of calories at the same time. You will even sing along with the songs and develop your singing skills. When you are talking about Telugu musicals that captured the attention of Millenials, you should talk about the following movies:

Nine Premistha

This is about a guy who loses his eyesight in a freak accident. Along the way, he falls in love with a girl whose boyfriend has a similar condition. It would certainly be hard for the girl to choose between the two guys. One thing we know for sure and that is everyone will entertain us with a bunch of songs that were composed for the movie. Up until this day, this movie is still getting played online due to all the nice feedback given by musical legends. If you got great feedback from those greats, you know you are going to be in for a treat when it comes to viewing this movie. The director knew he made an instant classic the moment he finished wrapping it up.


First, a guy falls in love with a rich girl. Things get a bit complicated from there when the girl’s parents see them in a newspaper. Things go down from there, but they prove that love conquers all. It does not take long before they start singing songs to the tune of wonderful music. There was no question a bunch of musical experts was involved in the making of this classic. They just effortlessly sang the songs like they were singing for a million years. The two leads played such convincing characters that they were offered other important movie roles. Their popularity only rose after this movie because of their brilliant performance. The filmmakers knew they did not make a mistake when they gave them those roles.


This is a movie about a guy who wants to chase his dreams of becoming a singer. Unfortunately, that is not exactly what his father wants for him, so they tangle throughout the movie. Along the way, the guy meets the girl of his dreams, and it was not long before the girl falls for his singing skills. Luckily for the audience, everyone is good at singing and the plot can’t be taken that seriously. You can’t really say anybody is mad at any point during the musical. They would just want to entertain everyone and that is exactly what they did.

Better find a website that streams the above Telugu movies online, and you won’t regret it. You will end up playing the movies over and over again because of their nice songs. There is no doubt the actors took up singing lessons because they have such lovely voices. All the above movies were warmly received by critics.

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