Indoor Air Pollution and Dietary Deficiencies: The Two Most Powerful Health Threats?

More and more people are wondering what they can do to stay healthy, stay young looking, and prevent or get rid of disease. And with the amount of information out on the web about what to take, do this, don’t do that, it can be very difficult to know what pieces of information are actually […]

Health Care Sharing Ministries: An Alternative to the Healthcare Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has people and health insurance companies worried that their healthcare costs will go up. Historically, health insurance companies have been able to screen out those with pre-existing conditions or drop others who are costing them too much. With the ACA in place, they won’t be able to do that, so […]

How the Thyroid Gland Affects Our Health

Many women visit their health care providers feeling that something is wrong with their thyroid glands, only to be told either that “everything is fine” or that they need to take a “prescription thyroid hormone”. While either or both answers may be technically correct, they may be an unsatisfactory result for some patients. If you […]

Nutrition And Eye Health – The Benefits of Juicing Carrots

In today’s society a busy lifestyle demands a convenient way to give our bodies the nutrition that it needs to promote healthy living. While nutrition is an essential aspect of eye health, lifestyle demands related to work, family and education often make it difficult to prepare healthy whole food meals. From this perspective, if you […]