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Cleaning Tips for Rubber Vinyl Floors 

Rubber vinyl flooring (กระเบื้อง ยาง ไว นิล, which is the term in Thai), offers a wood-looking flooring and requires less maintenance than natural wood flooring. This makes it an excellent alternative to real wood flooring.

Cleaning can be a difficult home chore, but with the tips listed in this post, cleaning your vinyl floors will be a lot easier.

Prevent Dirt from Getting in

The best way to keep a vinyl floor clean is by preventing dirt from getting in initially. By keeping shoes outside before walking in and placing doormats to rub off any dirt before stepping into your home. 

Sweep Regularly

Regular sweeping will significantly help you maintain your rubber vinyl flooring. Sweeping your floor will help it maintain a pristine look.

Use soft bristle broom as they are gentler on the floor and still sweeps neatly.

 Use Mild Soap

There are several vinyl cleaning products available, but most of those products might be too harsh for regular mopping and are more ideal for deep cleans. Mild soaps are better options.

Use the Right Vacuum

Beater bar (bristled brush) vacuums is not ideal for vinyl flooring cleaning; it’s perfect for picking up dirt, but not suitable for hard flooring.

Ensure you vacuum with the beater bar switched off to avoid the abrasive brush from rubbing your flooring too harshly.

Avoid Waxing

Waxing is not recommended for most vinyl plank and tile flooring these days. Using wax products can discolour your vinyl flooring over time.

If your rubber vinyl flooring looks dull, do a thorough cleansing by rinsing your flooring.

Avoid Steam

Avoid using steam mops as they can damage your vinyl flooring. Even if your rubber vinyl flooring is entirely waterproof, using high heat of the steam can damage your rubber vinyl flooring.

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