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Everyone Says You Can’t Win

Everyone says, you can’t beat the casino. Then why do they try? Why do 46% of the population in the U.S. alone frequent casinos on a regular basis? Of course there are occasional winners we hear about which opens the door to the possibility. There are even a few more stories about small wins that are always considered a victory of sorts.

Naturally walking into a casino with virtually no plan of action, no rules to guide ones play and no thought to betting limits certainly makes the odds of winning much worse.

There is an obvious element of luck inherent in every game of chance. When a player is running lucky it seems that house percentages just don’t matter. I’ve witnessed such incredible lucky streaks over the years, clearly defying all logic, that there can be no denying it’s existence.

One night I was at the craps table at the old Golden Nugget Casino and the players were undeniably getting the worst of it. It seemed the players would disappear every 20 or 30 minutes and soon be replaced with a new, more optimistic group. I had been at the table about two hours and it looked dismal.

When up walked a young guy and his girl. Between them they maybe had 6 red nickel chips (about $30 or so). The dice came to the young man and placing $5 on the pass line, he went on to throw quite a few numbers. All in all, not too bad. The serious craps players can make a lot of money when the dice are rolling numbers. But he never made his point and lost his $5.

Then, the dice passed to the young girl that was with him. They placed another $5 on the pass line, down to their last $25. This young girl proceeded to throw 14 consecutive passes and hitting in the neighborhood of 40 or 50 numbers in between 7’s.

Each time she made a pass and won her line bet, she would pick up her $5 win and bet the same $5 on the pass line. 14 times! The serious craps players at the table were coining money. The players pressed up their bets with each winning roll while this nice couple never bet more than $5 at any time.

When the shoot had ended around 45 minutes later the players who played the table and pressed up their bets had taken in about $30,000. If there had been a couple of real high rollers at the table it would have been more than $100,000. After 14 consecutive passes with their $5 line bet had won $70. When the shoot was over some of the big winners were throwing chips at them (that’s what it’s often like at the crap tables).

Using a very conservative betting progression, only increasing their wager by $5 after each win they would have won almost $500 starting with their original $5 bet.

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