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Five Tips For Spotting And Plucking Newbies To Online Poker

It is possible to live online poker without the rollercoaster with his bankroll. Indeed, professional players do not spend all of their time playing at high stakes tables. To generate regular income, they grind at tables frequented by less experienced players.

If you are not yet a game pro, you can also win at darren phua poker by avoiding shark-filled tables. You need to play against new players only. Here, we explain how to identify new players at online tables.

1. Using The Chat

Experienced and professional players very rarely use the chat function. Pro gamers usually settle for a few “gg” and don’t spend their time commenting on the game. Conversely, novice gamers spend their time insulting bad luck, complaining about bad beats, and spamming the chat. If a gamer frequently uses the chat on your table, you are certainly dealing with a beginner.

2. Mat size and auto-rebuy function

Most experienced players come to the table with the equivalent of 100 big blinds. Likewise, they use the auto-rebuy function in tournaments and cash games not to waste their time reloading manually. Beginner players often play with short or medium stacks. Likewise, they don’t use auto-rebuy for fear of overspending.

3. Passive Play

Typically, a beginner player will bet on the pre-flop and throw his hand on the flop. Conversely, a pro player will be more aggressive and will bet 2 or 3 times before throwing. This is the sign of a player capable of bluffing and raising without apprehension.

4. Game Speed

An experienced player will use the same duration to play each stroke. A beginner player tends to make erratic decisions and play within seconds or 2 minutes. You can easily spot an inexperienced player by his excessive use of the timebank.

5. Post-Flop Bet

On a cash game table, regular players rarely bet less than 50% of the pot amount after the flop. Beginner players are content to make minimum bets. This indicates inexperience and ignorance of the math of the game.

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