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How to play and what are the essential assets in this game?

This game consists of guns, a time bomb, and grenades. There are two teams in a medium sized arena who have to eliminate their opponents, and those will eliminate first is going to win this match. Every player in the team can select their weapon or the grenades of their choice, and they have to play with those weapons only. Like there are many weapons –

    • AR (Automatic rifle) – This is the common weapon selected by everyone, and these weapons run in automatic mode. We have just to press and hold the trigger button, and there you go, your gun will not stop firing unless and until you release the trigger button or your weapon goes on reload mode. This rifle will make use of the 223 ammo. In-game purchases are as easy as real-life ones, if you’re looking for where to buy 223 ammo online.
    • Sniper weapon- This weapon fires only a single shot at a time and consists of scope on its head through which we can see from far. If you want to shoot enemies from far away, then this weapon will be useful to you.
  • Melee weapons – This is also called a secondary weapon. This weapon does not fire anything instead of firing these weapons used to hit other enemies if we stand nearby them. By chance, we are out of bullets at that time; this weapon is useful for us as it hits hard and eliminates the enemy in just a snap.
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