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IELTS, For Further Study Abroad

The ambition to study abroad inspires many students. This experience is a good way to gain life experience and to distinguish yourself for your entry into the professional world. The IELTS course (เรียน toefl ibt which is the term in Thai) is an English language test perfectly suited to students wishing to access the largest universities across the globe.

What Is IELTS?

Like the TOEFL or the TOEIC, the IELTS allows you to certify your level of language in English, from beginner to bilingual, according to your score.

IELTS is known in two forms. The first form, called “Academic” is intended for people wishing to apply for a university course or professional opportunities abroad. The second form, called “General Training,” is rather intended for people seeking to emigrate, to expatriate in the USA, Australia, Canada, or even in the United Kingdom.

Continued Study Abroad Thanks To IELTS

Passing IELTS may be required if you plan to go to work or study abroad. The IELTS is indeed recognized by more than 10,000 institutions around the world. The IELTS passage can be requested by Canadian, American, and English universities but also by establishments present in non-English speaking countries but providing training in English. Therefore, passing this certification is an effective way to put the odds on one’s side to access renowned institutions around the world.

In The USA

IELTS is highly recognized in the USA for certifying your level of English and finding an American university. More than 3000 universities accept it across the United States, the most prestigious of which: Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Saint Mary, etc. IELTS also allows international students to apply for the scholarship, but must need a tutor just like the GED tutor (ติว ged which is the term in Thai)

In Canada

Thanks to the IELTS, you can pretend to return to enter establishments such as Concordia and McGill, for example.

England And Ireland

Although it is more common to have a Cambridge exam to study in England, IELTS is also recognized as a good way to certify your level of English. It will allow you to apply for this title at Oxford and Cambridge. The immigration services also accept it.

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