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Importance Of Lip Sticks For A Sleek Makeup look:

Lipstick is considered the first love of women. Lipstick (ลิปสติก which is the term in Thai) is a necessary part of makeup box.

Lipsticks help your lips by protecting them from direct sunlight and keep your lips hydrating. They also make your lips look colorful and attractive. You can also shape your lips according to your desire with the help of lipstick.

Origin Of Lipsticks;

In ancient Egypt, people used to decorate their face and lips with the help of crushed gems. Ancient Queen Cleopatra used to crush bugs to acquire red color for her lips.

After that time, peoples invented several ways to color their lips. In 16th century, only royal family members and actors apply lipstick. In 1915, the first lipstick tube had launched. It was a metal tube and admired by the women of that era because it was easy to carry anywhere.

In the 21st century, lipstick had become necessary for all the women. And now it is available in hundreds of shades from bold and dark to neon and nude. Lipstick is available in any shade you prefer today.

Ingredients that are used to make lipsticks:

Lipsticks made up of beeswax, natural oils, fats (olive oil, mineral oil petroleum), and different color pigments and carnauba wax to give strength to lipstick.

First of all, they gather all the ingredients and heat them to mix all of them nicely. Then they add colors to create pigment in lipstick. Later they pour the mixture into the mold and after that, the process of packaging and labeling started. Finally, the lipstick comes out of factory for selling purpose.

Lipsticks are the cheapest and easy to access makeup product.

Any makeup is incomplete without this product. If you don’t want to apply makeup while going somewhere, just swipe a single coat of lipstick. It will make you ready to go without wasting time on lots of makeup products.

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