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Judge Judy reality show- all you need to know

There are many reality shows that are running daily on the television but few can reach the top list in the most viewed shows. One of the best top viewed daytime shows is Judge Judy. This is the first court show which has lasted very long since 1996. Many females enjoy watching this show when they are free at their home munching on some snacks. This reality show is a great time killer with the widespread popularity among the people. Judy got her high reputation both in the practical court and from the television show and make a great earning through this show. 

Some facts about Judge Judy reality show 

  • Ratings – in the terms of ratings this show has received very high ratings in recent years and is very popular among the people. This show is voted positive by 85% of the population. The ratings have boosted up from the 3rd season and given 7.0 ratings overall. Even though Judge Judy Ratings are not as high as the show like The Voice or other dancing reality shows but it has reached the list of top rated shows. 
  • Awards – the show was nominated many times for the Emmy award and finally won after the 15th nomination in 2013. It was highlighted after this award session and increased its viewers effectively. It became the best daytime show to win the EMMY award again in 2016 and also in 2017. 
  • Longevity and audience – this show is one of the longest running court shows on the television to gain the massive popularity among the people. The show was first premiered in Sept 16, 1996 and till now running with the amazing ratings. The audience of this show is mainly women having 75% of the popularity and men in 25% of the popularity. 

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