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League of legends and its exciting modes

League of Legends has many different types of maps in the game. Each map has a set of different surrounding to provide new challenges to the player. With each update new improvements are added to the modes and fields in order to improve the area. These fields and modes make the game more exciting.

Types of fields

Summoner’s Rift

This is one of the most played and popular fields in the Lol game. 5 player each  in two teams battle across a field of jungle with powerful items and skills. The field is extensive, large and very finely detailed for players

The Twisted Treeline

This is the second most famous battle field in the Lol game. There are 3 teams of 5 layers each and  Champions begin to play with high gold totals. They have to strategise and wins over the other team. It consists of a vast jungle field that allows army to move through lanes in order to destroy each other

Howling Abyss

It is a smaller field and consists of only two teams battling against each other. This map supports aggressively and high adrenaline gameplay. It does not support healing of character and shopping of items.

How to get the advantage of all the fields.

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