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Melbourne’s Urban Distilleries to Explore

In Melbourne, there are many distilleries with plans to further the city’s growth as a top-shelf destination for cocktails.  Urban distilleries are undergoing a distillery revolution in Melbourne at the moment, with many new businesses opening doors.  Many are even located within former factories or warehouses close to big buildings full of offices and retail outlets.

Here are some of the best distilleries that you may find in Melbourne.

The Distillery District

The Distillery District in the northern parts of the CBD is one of Melbourne’s latest and upcoming areas that has been rejuvenated through creative projects. Five recently opened distilleries will give visitors a taste of what it’s like to smell and taste some fine Australian spirits.  These distilleries include the Dalgety Distillery and Two Birds Brewing.

Brooklyn Standard

Brooklyn Standard is a renovated warehouse that has been converted into a restaurant and bar. The CBD pub is a great place to relax in the afternoon with some beers or whiskey, whilst watching live bands perform on stage at night.  With a large bar and open-plan design, Brooklyn Standard is a modern take on the traditional pub.

The District Distilling Company

The District Distilling Company has been voted as one of the best bars in Melbourne for 2014 by Timeout magazine.  Opened just a few months ago, it includes a unique list of cocktails that have been described as “a unique list of cocktails”.

The Lincolns Room

The Lincoln Room is a cozy bar in the CBD that serves an array of around 45 American whiskeys.  They also serve house-brewed beers and distilled beverages, along with a large menu that includes BBQ meat platters and burgers.

The Whiskery Drysdale Distillery

The Whiskery Drysdale Distillery is located at Hawthorn East, and it has been in the craft distilling business for over 30 years. The company produces vodka, gin, and whiskies that can be purchased in their facility and online.

Kensington Distillery

Kensington Distillery is one of Melbourne’s latest and upcoming distilleries. The company makes small-batch vodka and whisky, but they also make liqueurs and many other spirits.

Carwyn Cellars

Carwyn Cellars is a boutique brewery and distillery located in Melbourne’s West that specializes in beer and whiskey making. They produce distilled beer as well as traditional single malt whiskey, with their bar offering samples of each.

Macarthur Grange Distillery

The Macarthur Grange distillery is located in the inner-western suburbs, and it produces an extensive range of spirits. Their whiskies use Caribbean molasses to create flavors that are rare in Australia’s market.

Four Pillars Gin Healesville Distillery

Located in Healesville, Four Pillars Gin is a popular site for visitors. The distillery takes advantage of their Yarra Valley surrounds and the produce is grown on-site to create their own range of spirits.  Their signature gin uses Australian ingredients such as finger limes and native pepper berry leaves that give it a unique taste.

Sullivans Cove French Oak Whisky

Located in the coastal town of Sorell, Sullivan’s Cove distillery has been around since 2000. Their whisky is aged for at least 12 years in barrels made from Limousin oak. The process takes longer than other whiskey-makers but results in a well-rounded taste.

Alchemy Distillers Healesville

Located in Healesville, Alchemy Distillers is a small-batch distiller that creates unique spirits. They have recently released their first organic vodka and many other types of vodka are currently maturing in barrels around the country.

Nant Distillery

Located just outside the town of Nannup, Nant distillery sits on the edge of nature in the Southwest. The distillery uses ingredients that can be found locally and across Western Australia to create its spirits.

Thirsty Nomad Brewing Co

Thirsty Nomad is a boutique brewery located in Melbourne’s CBD, with an on-site bar called Dukes Coffee Roasters. They produce original beers as well as an extensive range of craft beers that change with the seasons, along with coffee made with organic beans.

Loch Brewery & Distillery Loch

Located in Cashmere, Loch Brewery and Distillery is a boutique brewery that has been around for nearly five years. It produces beers from its own range as well as from guest brewers from across Australia, with its distilling program still underway.

Kilderkin Distillery Alfredton

Opened just six months ago, Kilderkin Distillery is already producing gins and liqueurs for sale at their bar. Located in the inner-north, they are also currently working on whiskeys to be sold soon with malts aged for two years.


Melbourne is quickly becoming a popular destination for craft beers, gins, and whiskies. All of these drinks can be sampled in bars and breweries across the city, and they also make great souvenirs to take back home.

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