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Remote Vibrating Egg-Now Distance Cannot Hamper Your Pleasure Moments

With advancement in technology, a variety of new and feature-rich adult toys are available in the market. Adding them to your bedroom pleasure games is just a way to enhance fun and bring excitement to your monotonous intimate life. One of the toys that is fast selling like hot cakes is remote vibrating egg. There are several brands available and many of them comes with an additional functionality that adds a lot of value to the couple’s foreplay. This toy has most definitely added a lot of fun to pre-intercourse moments bringing the couple closer than ever.

The material used to design this toy is made up of body safe silicon. As a result, there is no chance of the user suffering from any allergic reaction. It has a top piece and a vibrating base. The top piece rotates such that it offers diverse sensations to the user.

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The high point of this remote vibrating egg is that it can be used in and outside home, can be used for external or internal foreplay and is perfectly suited for secret foreplay. It is because it is remote controlled and starts vibrating within 12 m range. Moreover, it offers an amazing range of patterns and vibrations to choose.

Even when using in the public, it will not share your secret. It is a wearable sex toy and operates with a battery. The sensations and vibrations are controlled by one partner while the other ones enjoy pleasurable moments as dictated by his partner. It is a very sensuous feeling.

The battery life is quite impressive and many of the brands work 2-hours non-stop when completely charged. It is exciting to know that you have the ability to hold the key to your partner’s pleasures and sensations even when he or she is in public. It is the best form of secret foreplay. The best part is that the controlling partner has a clear idea of the sensations experienced by the other partner. The device comes with myriad patterns and speeds. Using it allows enjoying spontaneous stimulation. So, now if you are in a mood to have some pleasure moments with your partner, start foreplay even before you reach home.

This toy has also found whole-hearted acceptance in BDSM communities. The community openly favors power play and risky foreplay and the device fulfil these requirements perfectly. Dominant partner can use the remote and control the sensations experienced by the submissive partner. This easy to use and discreet toy has added a lot of zing to the bedroom tales and made couples more open to each other’s body demands.

Many online and offline stores offer this product in amazing colors, styles, sizes, features, and specifications. Explore these options and choose something that is just meant for you and your partner.

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