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Tips on getting the cheats for PUBG

Cheat codes have long been used by different players from all over the world. These are safe to use but are not allowed by the game developers. In certain cases these codes are incorporated in the gameplay by developers but they do not encourage the use so they keep hidden. Especially when you are participating in a tournament, you cannot use the game codes even when they are introduced by the game developers. These cheat codes provide you with an instant access to certain things in the game and are normally available in all the games including action, racing, sports and first person games. When the game is online, it is a little difficult to use the codes because these games are continuously been supervised but thanks to the latest technologies which have enabled us to use different mods to enjoy these cheat codes even in the online game play.


Is it safe to use cheats?

There is a long debate on the safety of these cheats. You cannot be hundred percent sure except when they are part of the game but are hidden. When these cheats are included by the developers, you can safely use them because these come inside the package and can be used safely. You can rely on these because developers have themselves permitted their usage. But in a case, where you download the cracked version or use a mod to introduce the code in the game, there could be a potential risk.


How to install the crack:

If you want to install the pubg hack on your android device you will need to install the crack file first. The good thing is that now you can enjoy these hacks without even rooting your device. Simply follow the following guideline to enjoy the most amazing cheats of this famous game:


·      Install the crack archive

·      Extract the android hacking script

·      Then you have to install the game, the secure VPN and the guardian

·      Install the clone game

·      Execute the android script through the guardian file

·      After that, when you will open the game you will see an additional gear in the gameplay which can control many cheats for the game.


PUBG has tried hard to make this game hack free because it is an online FPS and people from all over the world play this game. It is fine to use the cheats when you are playing at your home but never try to use any kind of cheats in the tournaments because this could simply lead to disqualification. Many online tournaments are taking place and when you play through a cracked version of game, they will come to know and a ban will result. Since PUBG is striving hard to make the gameplay equal for all the players, it has become difficult for the players to crack the game. When one crack stops working you can try the new and enjoy all the famous cheats of the game to enter the higher leagues of the game.


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