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Tricks to find out real casinos

Gambling is indeed a good way to get entertainment in your spare time and sometimes it can help you earn a handsome amount of cash as well. The introduction of the online casino Singapore made things a lot better and now everyone can use online betting Singapore services from the comfort of their home. 

There are genuine casinos but at the same time, rogue casinos are reported now and then which are costing gamblers hundreds of dollars. 

We will help you determine whether the casino is real or not and what are the signs to select a real casino online. 


A casino without a license is a trap for you and may stop their services anytime and take away all the cash you have in your account. 

License is the first guarantee which you have about the authenticity of the casino. A license means that the casino is following the rules and regulations and would provide you protection when it comes to any fraud or other hacking issues.

The policy of the licensed casinos is transparent and they offer a lot more services, bonuses, and promotions for the players. They also offer safe ways for the deposits and withdrawal of funds. 


The software used by the casino tells a lot about their reputation. Software with a good reputation are few and they only provide their services to reputable casinos. 

Check whether the casino is using top-notch software or using a pirated one. However, this should not be the only criteria for judging a casino. 


Make sure that the casino has SSL encryption to keep your account secure from hackers. SSL encryption provides safe access to the players and is an assurance that the casino is serious about your security.

Payment options 

The most important aspect of the online casino is their payment options; check how they are managing the finances of their players. A casino with a good reputation will always use trusted payment methods and offer you different payment platforms like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Number generator

Random number generator also shows the reputation of the casino. This shows that the games are played using fair means and no one is controlling them. the casinos share the information about the number generator to increase the confidence of their players. 

Bonuses and prizes

A reputable casino provides complete information about the bonuses and prizes it offers to the customers. Their bonus system is based on reality and they are not offering unrealistic prize. If you find a casino with an unrealistic prize, know that it is a rogue one and is attracting players to hack their cash. Read the terms and conditions of the prizes as well before you avail them. 


Good casinos provide customer support to their players and make sure that they don’t face any issue at all while gambling. If a casino has professional customer support, you can trust their service and gamble on their platform. 

These are some signs which show whether a casino is real or not and what the quality of their service is.

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