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What causes sinus headaches during pregnancy?

A woman is amazing. They are created to be the most selfless person who would do anything for their loved ones. That’s why God created women to bear the pregnancy. Pregnant women underwent so many changes to their bodies throughout their pregnancy. The morning sickness during the first trimester, the breast tenderness, bloating, pain and aches. They are also more prone to getting infections. One of the common symptoms faced by pregnant women is headaches.

As we know, there are many types of headaches. Most of headaches during pregnancy are primary types and not dangerous. However, as it can frequently attack, it can affect a pregnant mother’s daily life. The common type of headaches that can attack during pregnancy are migraines, tension headaches, and sinus headaches.

We can understand why a pregnant mother can get a frequent attack of migraines and tension headaches. High levels of hormones plus tiredness and stress during pregnancy definitely can precipitate these two. However, what causes them to get a sinus headache?

During pregnancy, women are more susceptible to infection. Therefore this means they would easily get common cold and runny nose which means they can easily get sinus headaches as well. Other things might be due to allergies. Some pregnant ladies can have allergies toward certain food or things during the period of pregnancy only. Which another factor that can contribute to getting a sinus headache.

A sinus problem can also be triggered by a bacterial, viral or fungal infection, which as we said pregnant ladies are more susceptible to.

So, what can help the pregnant mother deal with these annoying headaches? Taking medications might be worrying for some pregnant mothers as most didn’t know what would be safe for the baby. Therefore one can resort to home remedies to ease the symptoms.

First of all, drink plenty of fluids. Fluids can help loosen mucus thus helps with your stuffy nose. Other than plain water, you can take fruit juice, decaf tea and infused water since they are nicer to the palate which can encourage you to drink more. But make sure to take less sugary or no sugar at all.

Run a humidifier to help with your stuffy nose. You can inhale steam to clear the clogged passage. Sit in front of a basin filled with hot water, you can add some of your favourite essential oils.

Sleep with your head elevated, use more than one pillow as it can help you breath more easily. This position is also good to ease your heartburn during pregnancy.

To ease the nasal pain and sinus headache, put a cold compress or hot pack on your forehead. You can also ask someone to gently massage your forehead & cheek which other than easing the headache, will also help clear up your sinus.

You can take acetaminophen as one of the medications for sinus headaches. This medication is safe for pregnancy, however, it’s best to get doctor’s advice before taking any medication especially if you want to take meds like a decongestant, anti-histamine, expectorant or cough suppressant.

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