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What Profitability Is Associated With Forex?

Forex is an attractive investment for those who have the knowledge and tools to invest in it. The profitability of Forex is nevertheless uncertain.

Profitability In Forex Is Random

Every day, on major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, and GBP/CHF like other less visible pairs, Forex has thousands of trading opportunities and earnings. Traders come to Forex with a well-suited trading strategy, and they know how much money these opportunities can earn them as well as lose a good chunk of their capital.

Profits in Forex, even for experienced traders who know the vagaries of this market by heart, are not thus guaranteed. Likewise, their amount varies from one period to another and evolves according to the strategy and the amount invested by the trader.

The profitability of Forex trading cannot, therefore, be determined exactly, given the parameters that can influence it. The return is even more difficult to assess for trades made on stocks with very high volatility.

Profitability In Forex Is Scalable

The ideal to benefit from optimal profitability on Forex remains to adopt a clear, realistic and rational trading strategy and to respect it to the letter. A strategy of this type considers with the greatest attention, the leverage offered by the broker used, breakout inside a candle graph (Breakout ภายในแท่งเทียน, which is the term in Thai), the frequency of trades made, their timing and their amount.

However, there may be times when major changes require some modifications or a review of the trading strategy. In this case, changes must be made without delay. These rectifications are intended to be temporary and must remain so, except in the event of proven errors.

Zero risk does not exist in trading in general, let alone in Forex trading. Any trader wishing to improve his performance on this market, therefore has an interest in learning from his mistakes and adapting his approach to the market as and when it comes to his faulty decisions. This reality shows the importance of keeping a logbook, where all information relating to losing and winning trades is recorded.

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