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What you should know about penis surgery?

The options are overwhelming; from penis pumps to penis enhancement supplements and ultimately penis surgery. Most of these ads make you believe you can grow your penis within days. How possible is this?

The hordes of men resorting to penis enhancement surgery, otherwise known as penile surgery are as stupendous as it is worrisome. Many cosmetic enhancement clinics are pumping society full of propaganda about the effectiveness of penis surgery. Yet in reality, there is such sparse and almost non-existent scientific proof to support these flamboyant claims.

Therefore, many men unfortunately and hurriedly leap into the penis surgery eventually wrecking massive damages on their manhood. Is this worth the horror? Definitely no. Let us examine penis augmentation a bit deeper here.

What does penis augmentation entail?

When it comes to penis augmentation, two approaches are commonest. The first is penile augmentation whereby the penis gets injected with fat cells. For this approach, the overall aim is to expand the penis while elongating it. How safe is this?

In the aftermath of this first approach, multiple cases of penis swelling have been recorded. By swelling here, we don’t mean the anticipated expansion in girth of the penis. These swellings are abnormal distortions disfiguring the penis. Depending on the side effect of this first surgery, your penis could even be removed. Definitely, this doesn’t sound like fun.

In the second type of penis surgery, there is penile augmentation through taking fat cells from other regions of your body and grafting it into your penis. In this second approach, the invasiveness of the surgical procedure is reduced. Possibly after a year, you can add about 2.5 cm to your manhood. Next is the part you don’t want to hear.

Most patients who undergo this second type of penile surgery report that they lose 20-80% of the new addition the surgery gave them after the first twelve months. In some cases, you would have to undergo multiple draining surgeries to achieve desired results. Penis sleeve are a marvel when it comes to penis enhancement.

There is also another type of penile surgery which involves suspensory ligament release. Here the surgeon will cut the ligament altering the angle of the penis so that it appears to have added length. However, men who take the approach bitterly complain they can’t support their erection, making penetration really challenging.

Nonetheless, do you have to go through the merciless inferno to increase your penis? No, there are safer and simpler ways!

Introducing penis sleeves

They are safe and sustainable with almost no side effects. These sleeves allow your manhood to grow naturally healthily, adding length and girth.  These are admittedly better options compared to more aggressive means like penis surgery.

Are you looking for the best sleeves in the market yet at amazing prices? You may do well to check out the fantastic collection at Katz stores. So long have you wished for that commanding penis your partner finds “mouthwatering”. Here it is!

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