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Conversion plug is a must thing to carry:

Packed all the necessary items for going to another country. But don’t forget to carry the Conversion plug [ปลั๊ก แปลง, which is the term in Thai] with the travel gadget accessory kit. Because no one knows what kind of power plug in any country uses. Off course one can google it. Then if the country that someone is visiting is using different kind of plugs then carrying it is the only option. Because conversion plug is the only thing that can charge the electronic devices. Because in conversion plug different types of plugs are fitted into it for the help of people.

So, that if the country doesn’t follow the same plug the person doesn’t need to worry about anything. Just carry one simple and small electronic gadget for every kind of charging plug. Whether it is Europe or Indian doesn’t matter the conversion plug can be helpful in every situation.

Conversion plug for different types of the power adapter

Conversion plug can be very helpful in connecting the different types of Power adapter [ปลั๊ก แปลง ไฟ, which is the term in Thai]. Because there are different types of the power adapter for different devices and conversion kit is the option to charge those devices. It doesn’t matter which type of power adapter is it will get connected to conversion kit and start charging the device. Just purchase any of the conversion kits for better charging performance in any country. So, that one explores the new country well and take photos and videos without facing the charging problems.

Look at the warranty paper

Make sure to check all the warranty papers of the conversion kit. And only buy a conversion kit from such companies that provides warranty service. So, that it can get replaced if anything happens to it.

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