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How To Make Money On Instagram: Know The Best Practices

Instagram is the social network for creative hashtags, filters that make any image beautiful and digital influencers who share their daily lives in detail. Given this dynamic, how to make money on Instagram? Do you doubt this is even possible? Well, know that Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t let companies see ships! After all, it is precisely the businesses that make this network profitable.

1. Approach Digital Influencers

These digital influencers can arouse trust and engagement from that part of your audience that identifies with the content they publish. And one of the social networks most used by these web celebrities is Instagram, where they show their daily lives and create proximity with their followers. How about using this power of influence in favor of your virtual store? Approach these people to propose a partnership to promote your products! With this tactic, you earn a recommendation from someone considered relevant by your audience, being able to mobilize their buying behavior.

Include Links In Publications

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow the insertion of links in the organic posts of the profiles. Business accounts have access to this differential! In this case, the links can be inserted in 2 ways:

ads: when sponsoring a post, you can add a Call To Action (CTA) button with a link to the page you want;

Stories: when posting to Instagram stories, which only last 24 hours, you can also add links — it’s worth noting, however, that this is a recent update, only available for accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

But what is the advantage of this? Simple: you can provoke the user with a discount, an offer, or a launch, directing them to a product page, just a few clicks away from performing a conversion.

2. Optimize The Site For Mobile

If you intend to insert links into Instagram posts, you must make your site responsive to any screen type. After all, the modern user accesses the network through the computer, smartphone, or tablet, and you certainly want to offer a good experience on any device, don’t you?

Imagine if the user clicks on the link and lands on a page with several visual and functional flaws precisely because it was developed for the larger desktop screen. In this case, the visitor will not be able to browse the site and, therefore, will not see the information that could lead to the purchase. Thus, the chances are high that you will abandon your store simultaneously, causing you to lose a potential customer.

3. Interact With Followers

Initially, Instagram was a relationship network between people. Therefore, it is also a great tool for nurturing relationships with consumers. And there are several resources available to do so, such as replying to comments, liking and commenting on followers’ posts, publishing user reposts, and sending direct messages. All these possibilities create an emotional connection with followers, who feel valued by the company. You can bet: with this proximity, your brand will be more easily remembered in a future purchase moment.

Did you see how Instagram can be an excellent tool to increase sales for your online store? Just don’t forget that, as this is essentially a network of relationships, an entirely commercial approach doesn’t go down well. You need to generate content and interactions that are relevant to the audience and, thus, arouse interest in your brand and products or visit

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