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Is there a good time to go to a strip club

Are you planning on a night out on the town with your mates and are thinking of hitting a couple of strip clubs? Well, you may want to look at the times that the local clubs open but more importantly find out when the best time to visit the ones you are interested in will be.

Strip clubs might be considered night time entertainment venues but a growing number of them are opening their doors earlier. You can visit a strip club whenever the time suits you, however aficionados will claim that there is a prime time or the best time for you to go to a strip club. This is the time when the best dancers come on and the night starts to get wilder. This, they say happens from 11:00 PM on to 3:00 AM. The belief is that before then, a lot if the performers are the new dancers who are still learning the ropes, the pros wait for the witching hour when the club has been in full swing for a while and everybody is inebriated and well past behaving decently.

A lot of clubs open as early as 4pm, just in time for the office worker’s knock off time. Because of these long opening times, a lot of clubs have a roster system with dancers coming on in shifts. Strip clubs with curated feature performances usually put these on during peak hours which could be anything from 7pm -9pm. This is a good time to be in a strip club for several reasons.

By being in a strip club before peak hour means you get to book a spot before the space starts filling up. You also get to scope up the level of talent and get more attention from the strippers because there are so few of you in the club. By the time 11pm rolls by, you will have got more attention and service than the guys who try to make their way at peak hour when there’s already a line of punters waiting to get in.

Better seats and better service.

If you come through early, you can get the best seat in the house because the club is not as crowded. Drinks also tend to be cheaper earlier than 9pm and the food, fresher. The dancers are also fresher and eager to please.

Some strip clubs in Melbourne are known as hot spots frequented by the rich and famous. Once they roll in, you can forget about cherry picking. These usually make it to strip clubs with their entourage and when they do, most of the attention shifts to them because they are more likely to drop a couple of thousands before the night is through.

VIP sessions last longer when you come earlier.

Some clubs have a discounted fee for VIP rooms booked before 9pm and since things start off slowly, a 15 minute session can stretch to 30 minutes because the ladies aren’t in a big hurry to get to the next guy.

When you are at a strip club before it gets packed, you have some time to practice your flirting. Strippers are also more relaxed when there is no crowd and fewer Strippers. This not only gives you a chance to flirt but the dancers are more open to having real pleasant conversation because she is probably in a good mood – she hasn’t been on her feet for long, she doesn’t have a lot of competition and hasn’t been turned down or rebuffed 50 times. She is probably in a better mood that will most likely change as the night wears off and customers get drunk, become rude, rowdy and insulting.

What are the benefits of hitting a strip club during peak hour?

Peak or prime time in a Melbourne strip club was around 11pm and 3 am, however this might no longer be the case with the Corona Virus forcing club owners to cut back on the number of people that can be in one venue at a time. It is uncommon now to see lines forming outside earlier than they used to.

The hottest and most talented girls are on later at night. The stage shows and pole routine get sexier late at night. Why? Because a lot of the hot, talented and seasoned strippers wait for peak hours when the club is full and there are more people lining up to tip performers.

There might be more dancers at peak hours which means more girls to choose from. The truth is, there is a different vibe when a strip club is full than when it’s half full.

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