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Proper Options for the Perfect Sport Betting

We have already explained about some types of bets such as Over / Under, In-Play (Live), Handicap, Pre-game and Corners / Corners, to see in more detail, check each of these articles in the menu How to Bet / Types of Sports Bets. However, there are other types of Sbobet88 Sports Betting, we will explain in this text what these other types are. Our goal is not to exhaust the subject, not least because the types of bets offered by the most varied sites increases every day, in this text we will bring you the most famous options for types of Sports Betting.

Money Line

This bet is the famous “dry” bet, that is, betting on the victory of a team or player, means betting on victory. Players usually name the acronym “ML” before the name of the team or player. In this case you have a 33.33% chance of success, since most sports have 3 options, Team A win, Draw or Team B win.

Draw On Bet / Draw Cancels Bet

This type of bet is also widely used by bettors, it is represented by the acronym “DNB”, Draw no Bet means “Empate Void”, in short, in case of a tie the bet is returned. For example: If you bet on Time A Draw on Bet, if there is a tie the money from the bet is returned, if Team A wins you win, if Team B wins, you lose the bet. This type of bet is widely used due to its security, although the Odds (quotes) decrease slightly. It is important to remember that the Asian Handicap 0.0 has the same effect.

Double Chance

This type of bet represents a double chance of success, two possible results in a game. Generally widely used in Online Casino Australia football sports, due to the high chances of draws, their use is not common in basketball due to the low probability of this occurring. You can bet on a Double Chance Team A + Draw, or Draw + Team B, or else Team A or Team B. Odds will drop slightly more than Draw on Bet, but you have even more chances to win, it would be correct to say your chances are 66.6% correct.


This type of bet means betting in favor, that is, betting on a result that we think will happen. This type of bet can also be considered as dry. Back is a type of bet, it is simply unlike Lay, Back is betting on something that we think will happen, it means betting in favor.


This type of bet means betting against, that is, betting on a result that we think will not happen. To bet on this type of bet, we must take the risk of paying a certain amount if what we think will not happen happens. This type of bet is only possible in houses that allow Trading.

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