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What are the two different gameplay modes of warzone?

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You would be wondering about the popularity of the recent version of the Call of duty game, warzone. There are several downloads every year as many websites are helping beginners with cheats like warzone aimbotAs you do need to buy the game, it is more popular. In this article, let us discuss the two different gameplay modes of the game in brief. 

Battle royale

If you are familiar with all the games in this genre, the battle royale mode will be alienated for you. The gameplay will be simple and based on the design of a shrinking playzone. At first, you will be dropping from a helicopter to the landing zone you have selected. Once you land on the floor, you can start to find loots on the map, complete contracts to earn money, accumulate cash, kill your opponents, and support your teammates. In the meantime, there will be some contracts that will make you as a target for other players, and some will assign you to kill others. So, the game will be proceeding this way of deaths and loots. Your health will reduce during each attack, and you can use your health armor and self-revival kits to revive yourself. The objective of the game is to stay alive as the last man or squad when all your opponents are dead. You cannot hide or stay at one place all the time as the map will be shrinking toward the center. You can find the shrinkage using the green gas circle that will be visible over the map on your screen. If you are out of this gas field, your health will start to reduce drastically and may lead to death. A gas mask can help you hold for a few seconds, but may not work long for you to get back into the field. The reason for the constant shrinkage of the map is to bring the alive players to proximity and create conflicts between them encouraging the one-man stand. So, the person or squad remaining alive will be the winner. To fight in the battle and stay alive, you would require some equipment. You can get this equipment from the buy stations on the map. 


If you want some rest from the hard and fast-paced gameplay of battle royale, you can choose to play the plunder mode of the warzone. In this mode, your main objective would be to get cash and nothing more. You need not kill other players on the map. There will not be any shrinkage in the map or any gas field. So, health hazards will be less. Most importantly, you can get back to life after death several times. There will not be any limitations on the respawn ability of the players. But there will be a timer running out, and you should accumulate more cash at the end of this timer than other players to win the game. You can complete contracts to get cash or take it from the loots and kills. 

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