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Suitable Material for the Fire Department Patch Design

The patch design that is used by the firefighters is made by using the machines that will make computerized embroidery. The first step will be to design the patch on the computer and create the file with digital embroidery. Then the file will be sent to the machine of embroidery with the help of data cable or USB. After reading the file the patch will be created on the fabric. Most of the companies will use this method for designing the firefighter patches.

Perfect thread for creating firefighter patches

The firemen will engage themselves in situations where they will have to survive the high heat or harsh temperature and hence the patches must be made of a material that will be fire retardant. One must not use rubber or any type of material for making the firefighter patches that will easily melt away at high temperature.

Proper knitting can offer you with great durability. In the market, you will get different varieties of threads that are used for making the purchase and one of the supreme qualities come from the threads of Madeira embroidery. This is definitely expensive but it is the finest and the most durable thread that will protect the patch from heat or fire.

When it comes to designing the fire department patch they use embroidery machine that is completely computerized. It is very important to opt for a company that has reputed designing machines that can accomplish the task in a simple and easy manner.

 How one can attach the patches into the uniform of the firefighters

Different types of methods are used in order to attach the firefighter patches on the uniform. Peel And Stick Backing, Velcro Backing, Sew On Backing and Heat Seal Backing are used. When a designed patch is attached to any uniform where the holder of the uniform has to survive crucial condition then the patches months are attached properly in order to reduce the chance of falling off from the uniform.

This is an overview of the Fire Department Patch Designs that are made and attached to the uniforms.

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