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Economic, Productivity And Financial Analysis Of Travel Agencies

The travel agencies, because of the different services they sell, have special accounting features. Your income can be accounted for by taking into account; the total amount of the service (retail price) and the total amount of commissions for the sale of services When conducting the economic analysis of a travel

Why Dubai tour is full of fun activities

The place where you shall find everything under one roof, from activities, beaches, malls, and bars this place has almost everything that you could ever think of. Except for flying cars surely, but who knows you might be able to see one or two after 2020. Well if you are

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda Now

Uganda’s tourism sector is currently at a boom since it recovered from its devastating history of 1970’s and 1980’s. Today, this magical country features as one of the leading safari destinations in East Africa. A lot of positive changes have happened in the country with animals increasing in protected areas