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Economic, Productivity And Financial Analysis Of Travel Agencies

The travel agencies, because of the different services they sell, have special accounting features. Your income can be accounted for by taking into account; the total amount of the service (retail price) and the total amount of commissions for the sale of services

When conducting the economic analysis of a travel agency, it is based on the profit and loss account or income statement, which is a document that takes into account external income, expenses and results (of exploitation, financial and extraordinary) of the accounting year.

The ratios will also have to be taken into account in order to carry out the economic and financial analysis of a travel agency. They are critical to the economic-financial analysis of the financial situation of an entity, its management, results, liquidity generation, etc.

These Can Be Grouped Into:

  • Ratios that provide information on the profitability of the company and its cost structure, being used in the economic analysis, since only amounts that are related to the income statement are used.
  • Ratios used in the financial analysis and therefore oriented to the study of the financial structure of the company and the commitments it represents for the entity.

Tour Operators Or Wholesalers

They are large travel agencies whose main function is the design, preparation and commercialization of large-scale tourist packages that they distribute through a network of retail travel agencies or using their own distribution channel.

A tour operator fulfills the following functions:

  • Distribution: Sells these tourist packages on its own or through independent retailers. In the case of large tour operators, they invest in promotion abroad to attract tourists from specific markets, traveling to fairs with the tourist product that includes loose or offered services through bangkok one day tour
  • Production: Hire or purchase different services (hotel rooms, excursions, places in different means of transport, etc.) that combine to create combined trips.

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