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3 Bathroom Faucet Styles You’ll Love

Spring is a time of renewal, and we find ourselves yearning for fresh, new things in our lives. That often includes a new look for our homes.  When your bathroom still needs sprucing up, even after your spring cleaning is done, don’t despair if you can’t afford a full renovation right now. By simply switching out your tired old bathroom fixtures for some brand-new, elegant bathroom faucets that complement your sink, you’ll give your bathroom a beautiful update without breaking the bank. To get your creative juices flowing, here are three examples of the different styles of faucets you can choose from.

  1. Sleek and Modern.
    For a sleek, ultra-modern look, consider a contemporary wall-mount bathroom faucet. Remodelista recommends this style because it makes cleaning behind your sink easier. In addition, this type of mounting adds an interesting element of style to your wall. When utilitarian, wall-mount faucets are used in kitchens, as they often are in restaurants, it becomes much easier to fill large pots with water as well.
  2. Vintage Appeal.
    This Old House believes that vintage-style faucets are a great way to add warmth and charm to your bathroom. You can choose from styles that are faithful reproductions of genuine vintage faucets, or, if you prefer a more updated look, choose a vintage-style faucet with a more modern finish. For smaller sinks, a spout with a lower profile is a good choice. Bridge-style faucets are reminiscent of the 1890s and add unique vintage appeal to your bathroom.
  3. Single-Hole Faucets.
    This type of bathroom faucet has the handle and spout of the faucet on a single stem. It can also feature one stem with two handles attached to it, as Better Homes and Gardens explains. For a streamlined, sophisticated look, a single-hole faucet with one lever-type handle is a wonderful choice. In addition, individuals with limited hand mobility may find this faucet style easier to operate. If you love this look but you have a sink with three holes that are pre-drilled, you can find a single-hole bathroom faucet model with a base plate that will conceal those extra holes.

If spring has you dreaming of a brand-new look for your bathroom, but you can’t splurge on a total overhaul, you can still give your bathroom a spring makeover by putting in new fixtures. Whatever style you love, be it modern, vintage, or single hole, with all the elegant bathroom faucets available to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect bathroom faucets to suit your individual taste.


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