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6 Things You Need to Know Before Writing an Application Essay

Your college admission essay has a prominent position in your college application. Consider it as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the admission committee. Your readers will go through your admission file so, you need to brainstorm ideas and then start writing. Do not forget to edit it, as it will polish your artifact. You can pay a visit to what is to know about admission essay writing.

Brainstorming your ideas

Most of the time colleges give you a prompt or a question to answer. You need to ponder over it and then think about the possible options to answer it. Make sure that whatever you write is true. Do not start writing with the first idea that hits your mind.

Pen down a list of ideas to answer the question, then have a look on these topics to find out something you are excited about. Choose a topic about which you can give genuine information.

Avoid reusing essays

Most of the students use the same essay when they are applying to colleges. In case all the colleges have given you the same prompt, then it is okay to reuse the ideas, but rewrite the content. Make sure that your writing addresses all the points of the given topic. Students can take help from what is

What makes you different?

While brainstorming, you need to find out how you are different from others. What are your qualities? You may be receiving compliments from your teachers and friends. You need to elaborate the same. Your teachers may be thinking that you are a good problem solver or an avid reader.

Extracurricular activities

You do not need to list all the extracurricular activities you have taken part in your high school. Students take part in different games and activities. By mentioning the same thing which most of the students are doing, you cannot set yourself apart. You can mention your extracurricular activity, but make sure to provide details about it. Do not focus on a single activity because you have limited words to write about yourself.

Tell them something different

Your application may have listed several things about your personality. Make sure you do not repeat these things in your essay. Tell them something different that they cannot learn from the application you have failed.

You can write about how you enjoy helping others. You can write about how you managed to overcome a particular fear. 

Tell a story

If they have asked you a question, then you can tell them a story. This will be engaging and interesting. Remember that admission officers are looking for those students who can engage their readers with their writing. The more engaging content you can write the better results you will get.

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