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Get proper reinstallation of control unit by experts

Electronic dryers are considered much safer to use and they have several program modes to choose from. One of the most important components of these dryers is the control board. Even a little fault on this component leads to great deal of inconveniences to individual. Furthermore, this part is very sophisticated thus most of the residents in Los Angeles prefer to acquire genuine services of professionals. Experts detect issues relating to control board as the dryer won’t rotate properly during a cycle and they even stop in the middle.

Process to change control unit of a dryer

Removal of control board

After the experts of dryer repair Los Angeles open the front panel they remove the control unit with the help of a slot screw driver. They release the locking tabs perfectly and pull out harness plug. One of the single hexagonal screws holds the control unit which they unscrew and then take out the unit.

Attaching new control board

Before experts place new control board they dissipate with the static electricity which is present inside the dryer. They then place the new control unit over the support panel and push it towards mounting slots. Professionals then mount new control board securely on the place and care is taken not to over tighten the screw or it can cause damage to the new control board.

Proper wire connection

During the rewiring process experts take diligent care not to forcefully connect two wires which can even cause damage. In such condition, professionals prefer to re-orient the wires in such a manner that they get connected with ease. Expert repairers know which two wires need to get connected to each other. Thus, you do not have to worry about a thing. After this, they reinstall the front panel and start the machine for your satisfaction.

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