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Hospitality Towels: The Essential Accessory For The Bathroom

If one of the most valued spaces in a hotel room is the bathroom and its amenities, the towels that you will use when you get out of a shower will be very important too. In this article, we will show you what the best shapes, sizes and materials of towels that your hotel should have are.

Towels For All Hospitality Businesses

If you are looking for the right hotel towels (ผ้าเช็ดตัวโรงแรม, which is the term in Thai) for your hospitality business, you can go to the website of the best manufacturer and seller of this type of product, where you can see that different sizes are taking into account what part of the bathroom they will be used for.

That way, you will find towels that are specifically for the sink, others that are for the vanity and the classic ones for the bathroom exit.

If you are a hotel owner, in addition to buying the best towels for your rooms, you will surely find that these are also a way to reinforce your company’s corporate identity.

Towel Measurements

Depending on what type of towels you want to offer your guests in your hotel room, you will have different sizes to choose from. In a website that deal on towels, you will find different standard measures, whether they are bath towels, as well as those used for the sink.

But perhaps you are looking for other types of measures, to offer a different service, hence, you can contact them, and they will offer you the customization of the measures of towels for the bathroom according to your needs.

Towel Materials

The typical towels that are offered for hospitality are white, but not all are made with the same materials. Although cotton is usually the most used, in some cases, it is usually mixed with polyester or some other fiber.

The most common and those that offer better resistance and drying are those that are made of 100% cotton. These offer softness and fluffiness that give a special quality to those towels that we want to offer in the hotel bathrooms. The drying power, in addition, will be directly linked to the materials with which the hospitality towels are made.

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