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The importance of servo motors in the industrial sector

Servo motor has been available for a long time now. And they are utilized in many applications and machinery. They are small in size but are very energy-efficient. They are also very much suitable for a wide range of applications because they can provide good amount of torque to the machinery through servo mechanism. Servo motors are mainly used in industrial applications, robotics, assembly line manufacturing, pharmaceutics, automobile etc.

How do the servo motors work in the industrial sector?

The servo circuitry is built right inside the motor units themselves and has a positionable shaft. The shaftis usually fitted with a gear. The servo motor is controlled with an electric signal. This electric signal determines the amount of movement of the shaft. Inside the servo motor there is a pretty simple set-up: a DC motor, potentiometer, and a control circuit. The motor is generally attached by gears to the control wheel. With the rotation of the motor from the input of electric current the resistance of the potentiometer changes with it. This in turn enables the control circuit to precisely regulate how much movement there is and in which direction it should move. When the shaft of the motor reaches the desired position, the power supplied to the motor is stopped immediately. If not, the motor turns in the appropriate direction. The desired position for the shaft is generally sent via electrical pulses through the signal wire. The speed of the motor is proportional to the difference between its actual and desired position. So if the motor is near the desired position, it will turn slowly, otherwise it will turn fast. This particular phenomenon is termed as the proportional control. This in simpler terms means that the motor will only run as hard as is necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

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