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The Tor Browser Is The Best Android App For Safe Surfing

As you know, as an Android user, a large number of Google apps are available to you when you switch on the device for the first time. Android belongs to Google, so many applications originate from Google itself – such as Google Chrome. The browser is one of the most powerful for your smartphone.

Nevertheless, it is advisable by movical to keep an eye on the alternatives, especially for data protection. Many browsers offer more security than Chrome. The best Android app for anonymous surfing is currently the Tor Browser. The application is free and guarantees you safe and anonymous surfing on the Internet. It brings you into the network via the so-called “Tor network,” which is encrypted. Unfortunately, you are slower to use the Tor Browser than, for example, Chrome. The many security precautions of the app have a significant impact on the speed of the application.

You Should Also Take A Look At The New Firefox Browser

Do you want to surf anonymously but don’t feel like a slow-working app like the Tor Browser? Then maybe the latest version of the Firefox browser is for you. The final version is currently not out. However, you can already download the preliminary version from the Google Play Store. Search for “Firefox Preview.”

The Firefox browser is considered unfashionable and confusing. With the latest version, Firefox tries to address this problem (especially for the app version of the program). The new application is obvious and has been given a contemporary look.

However, these are not the only innovations: the application is noticeably faster than the previous versions. In addition, the security features of the application have been expanded. In addition, the app has been given a dark mode, a QR scanner, and a revised library for bookmarks.

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