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Ways to Keep My Motorbike looking New

Most individuals get a little lazy when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. To keep your motorbike in excellent running condition, regular maintenance is extremely vital. Maintaining your bike on a regular basis not only makes it look new but also helps it perform at its best.

It also ensures that you are in the position to enjoy a safe and problem-free riding. Plenty of basic servicing tasks as well as new motorbike spares are enough to keep your motorbike in excellent condition. You should also understand that a well-maintained motorbike will always attract potential buyers if you are planning to sell it.

Maintenance activities such as cleaning means that you get more intimate with your bike, which allows you to spot any faults that could be hidden behind the muck and fairing panels. Here are some of the ways that can help you keep your motorbike looking new.

Keep it Clean

A dirty motorbike will feel and look old. Not only does the dirt cover up the lights and information console but also collects and builds up in all the crannies and nooks. This results in gunk in all the wrong parts and places leading to the formation of rust. So, you should pressure wash your motorbike at least once or twice a month and provide it with an excellent wipe every few days.

Check the Tires Regularly

If you want your motorbike to feel and look new, it is essential to check its tires on a regular basis. A thorough look at the conditions of your motorbike as well as the air pressure will help you keep it in good condition. Ensure that the tire air pressure is well-maintained at the required levels. You should consult your manufacturer or check user manual to know the amount of pressure your tires need.

Also, do check them for any scrapes and cuts that could lead to undesirable things such as tire blowout. Don’t forget to check the treads at least once every week. Remember to check for wheel alignment and balance. Use the available digital tire pressure gauges to measure the air pressure since they are key chains to display the pressure of your bike digitally.

Chain it Right

Most bike owners ride their motorbikes with their drive chain either loose or about to fall off, which is dangerous. The loose drive chain reduces mileage, and it can also result in your chain coming off or damaging the casing.

Also, keeping your chain too tight is not good since there have been many cases where the drive chain has snapped as a result of excess tension it is under. Take your time to check the manufacturer’s manual to know the level of free play that is recommended for the bike chain and ensure it is adjusted are required.

Other maintenance practices that will make your bike feel and look new include taking care of its battery, adjusting the valve, cleaning air filters, checking the spark plug, checking the oil regularly and looking for motorbike spares such as drive chains. Currently, there are many sites where you can see more bike spares if you want to purchase them. By doing the above simple tasks, your bike will feel and look new.

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