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Industrial Technology Espionage is a Sign of Weakness in Intellect

Industrial and Technological Espionage goes on constantly and it is a shear sign of weakness if you consider it. Any nation or business who cannot perform and pony up their efforts in Research and Develop and then resorts to the lowest form of imitation of upright walking mammals is intellectually weak. Today there are tens of thousands employed as corporate spies to gain access to Industrial Technology.

Why to these groups engage in this activity? Because they are weak and the lowest form of life. They cannot compete in the real world and think it is cheaper to steal technology and innovation than create it. The fact is that with the right team and the right numbers you can create new innovations faster than the “rat bastards” can steal it. The thieves think they are clever and yet we catch industrial spies every day.

Those who can’t cheat, just like in college where kids turn in bought and paid for term papers found on the Internet for a modest fee. They cheat off each others tests and they get out of school and pad their resumes with extra degrees from schools that they never attended, why? Because they are weak. Weakness is not to be admired and weakness is not a human trait. Weakness is sickening and pitiful.

When human resort to cheating they dishonor their family names and show their vulnerabilities and weakness. Corporate espionage is a crime and it is so common that it is considered a cost of doing business now. Luckily this great nation, the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind can produce new innovations and technology faster than those who lack integrity can produce it. Think on this and oh yeah one last fact:

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