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The Book on Integrated Mobile Technology Software to Improve Efficiency

If you are in business or run a government agency that had many workers out in the field that you must keep track of then, which book might you most like to read? “The Book on Integrated Mobile Technology Software to Improve Efficiency” might be a start, unfortunately no one has ever read it, because, well, no one has yet to write it you see?

Indeed, I would like to read that book too! As the CEO of, operating a family of mobile service franchise businesses, one of the biggest challenges was efficiency. Today we find fuel prices up over $3.00 per gallon way too often and pay scales up also. We cannot waste money or time with lost appointments or poor routing.

There is traffic to deal with and communications that are needed between the teams, the customer and the base of operations. Now multiply that problem operating in 450 cities, 110 markets, 23-states and four countries, help. When we need a solution, we need it Now!

In the past, before now that is, there were nothing but promises from mobile technology software companies, the burn-rate of the VC funded mobile technologies business was all too common, as one bright shooting star after another did not make the grade only to crash and burn leaving their customers holding the bag. Now technologies and integration is much more robust and it is going to take someone who gets it to put it all together.

It appears that there are indeed a few up and coming companies that may actually have the answer that mobile businesses and employers have been waiting for. Think on this.

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