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Tools and Tips to Manage Hybrid Meetings Effectively

If your company is going through hybrid headwinds, there are high chances that remote workers in your team have become passive participants in group meetings. Currently, many companies are struggling to establish an efficient hybrid work model that gives equal validity to employees present in the office and the remote team. However, with little experience in hybrid working, we can assure you that companies need to put in more effort for creating a successful hybrid work nirvana.

If you have not experienced a hybrid work meeting hoping sideways here is a little representation of what it feels like: A hybrid meeting when goes in all directions except for right looks exactly like an office meeting with participants on steroids. Not only are the meetings chaotic in their purest form but the improperly managed session creates an imped in decision-making.

In this case, remote workers feel extra frustrated. It is because remote workers suffer from the disadvantage of not being on-site and having chances to influence meeting outcomes. On-site participants, instead of giving equal opportunity to remote workers, tend to overshadow them.

Aside from general internet connectivity issues that can be fixed with HughesNet internet, we have observed that hybrid work meeting fails in less tangible manners. For example, meetings are built for the in-person audience. If a company wants the hybrid work meeting to go smoothly they should train participants to create a meeting in a hybrid work manner.

With big companies like Salesforce, Apple and more trying to make a hybrid work model a long-term practice for their companies, it is important to learn ways that can make a hybrid work meeting go right.


How a Hybrid Meeting Should Work

In today’s hybrid work pace, with remote workers working in multiple time zones, locations, onsite at company headquarters, and the decision-making can go wrong in the work meeting. However, while many companies are struggling to continue with the hybrid work model there are some changes that we suggest to make the hybrid meeting more bearable.

Here are the ways to improve hybrid meetings for your company.

Think Inclusively

If you want a hybrid meeting to tick all the boxes, you need to first create a mind that works for a hybrid work environment. Most of us are not trained, experienced, or knowledgeable on how a hybrid work environment should look like. Similar to the massive remote working transition from on-site working in 2020, the hybrid work model is also a workplace experiment for the majority. Therefore, to make the meeting go right, it is crucial to think inclusively.

Construct a concise opening message that not only specifies everyone’s responsibilities in the meeting but is also uplifting. The company can take the first step towards establishing a successful hybrid work routine.

Post and Post

All the decisions that are taken before, during, and after the meeting should be highlighted on the team messaging board. By doing this, you can keep all the participants looped in about what’s happening at work. Most remote workers have struggled with fear of losing a job, missing out, and isolation due to the pandemic and work-from-home journey.

These fears and anxieties have increased since their colleagues working from the office have more chances to be included in the team meetings and participate more and gain recognition. On the other hand, remote workers have a high chance to get ignored and not being made part of the decision-making happening back in the office. To remove these fears, highlighting every minor and major decision making is important.

Asynchronous Collaboration

You should keep in mind that only posting the updates on messaging board is not enough. You should encourage participants, especially those available to provide their feedback, ask questions and share their input as well. You can utilize an application like shared whiteboard through a cloud application to encourage their collaboration and work positivity.

Focus on Pre-Work

When it comes to channeling a hybrid work meeting, you should focus more on power. Constructing and publishing meeting agendas can help enhance productivity and input from the participants. Make sure the agenda is simple so that it is easy to absorb.


Focus On Engagement and You Are Good to Go

For establishing a successful routine for a successful hybrid meeting, it is important to focus on factors that can increase engagement. Keeping remote work participants engaged in the meeting is a task with encouragement and equal exposure, this can happen.

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